Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009-

Okay so I couldn’t get the video to work on Blogger, so instead I uploaded it to YouTube following the advice of blog genius Nick Arvidson ( Be on the look out for his adventures in Newcastle, Australia next spring!). I have included two options. One is the video embedded in this blog, so feel free to watch it here. If that isn't working then simply follow the URL posted right below it. Here's my YouTube description of it:
太鼓 Taiko Drumming- "Harmony" ~~ An awesome five person performance that I had the pleasure of watching. The three different sizes of drums make for a unique combination of sounds. The whole thing is 4 minutes long but two of my favorite parts are around the 2 minute mark when they do this cool jumping thing, and the last three seconds! Fun, fast, and very Japanese! I hope you enjoy it - Sam

The weather today was bizarre, so on my bike rides to and from school I snapped a couple pictures. I edited the last ones of the sun, but they’re way cooler this way! Haha, enjoy

From the top of one of the hills I bike over
The real colors. First one's cooler, don't you agree?
Black and White

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  1. The video is really fun. I never thought of playing the drums as aerobic exercise. Any chance of getting the guy's job who sits on the floor in the front the whole time?!
    Have fun with this,