Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009-

This blog is about you!

サム、今日は何をしたか?Well I’m glad you asked, kind reader. Today I spent 4 hours at the fishery with my classmates cleaning FIVE HUNDRED Ayu! It was quite the production. I helped to cut all of the fish (whole) right down the middle. Other students were in charge of cleaning, rinsing, and marinating the fish. So now I can say I’ve helped clean 500 fish, nice!

I’m happy to report that I skyped with my family (my real family) for the second time last night. It seems weird that I am already 6 weeks in and have only talked with them twice. Yet they told me that this blog has made it easier for us to be apart. They also told me that quite a few people have come up to them saying that they check in on my stories from time to time. I was both happy and surprised to learn so. I have only seen the 14 registered followers listed on the left. So now you’ve got me wondering:

Who all is out there?

So if you have a second, I would love to hear from you, my readers. If you don’t mind, would you just click on the small “Comment” link below. You don’t need to be a registered follower, merely type a few words. Underneath you will see a tab that says “Comment As:” scroll down to Anonymous, be sure to sign it and then click submit! Feel free to tell me what you’ve liked, disliked about the blog so I can improve the page.

Anxious to hear from all of you = )

Thanks again, Sam


  1. i like most things on this blog. if you do anything unpleasant (doubtful), i'll let you know.

  2. I haven't registered as a "follower" but I do every day! I really like the pictures. Love, Grandma Estenson

  3. oh, sam. dear, dear, sam. you know what i'm thinking. i love you.


  4. sammy- glad to see you've now done something you can be proud of haha
    keep up the bloggin, it does make it easier/harder, but at least it makes me laugh. and i like the fishies in the top right corner too, i keep them fed, don't worry.
    love you loads.

  5. oh, and ps.... i think the kid in the top left corner of the picture you're posting is mid-nose pick. hope he wasn't part of the fish cooking!

  6. Hey Sam,

    I'm diggin' the site. I check it every day and really like reading the stories. It's getting me really excited for my Study Abroad in the Spring! Keep up the stories, and I love the pictures. Keep the pics coming.

    -Nick Arvidson

  7. Yo! As a fellow person abroad, I love hearing of your adventures :)
    Hope you keep up your amazing blog! (I am truly amazed that you are so diligent about doing this-I never even started one....)
    Hope you have a great day!

  8. Hi Sam, I'm learning so much from your blog-- you have a gift of making your experiences come to life. I can't believe you're already conversing with friends in Japanese. Mary Carlson

  9. Hey Sam! I am really interested about Japan! My sister and I are huge anime lovers and I love reading about what Japan's like! You should watch anime sometime! This makes me feel like going to Japan myself. :D This is a very interesting blog, Sam!

    -Meta Bliss

  10. Hi Sam,
    We check in on you every week. The stories make us feel like we are right there also. Glad to hear you are having a wonderful time!

    Anne and Carolyn

  11. Your blog is wonderful! Your experience is definitely different from most.
    Jan of Dundas

  12. Sam
    I read the blog daily. Know you have never disappointed me and I believe I can speak for all. This is your journey we are all very proud of you. Be true to yourself. There is value in everything you do every step of the way!!


  13. Yo Sam... Beth here. I just check in everyonce in a while to be sure you are keeping out of trouble. Things are slowly but surely winding down at the NGC... (finally :) ) My wednesdays and sundays have a little void without chilling with me at the course!
    Keep it real~ Beth

  14. Sam, We love your blog! It is so fun to read your stories, see your photos and picture what life is like for you in Japan. We think of you often. Take care!
    Tom, Linda, Ashley and Erin

  15. Sam- What a gift for gab you have. Your blog is completely entertaining and we are all green with envy at the great experiences you're having there. I don't check in often, but when I do, I'm never disappointed. Northfield is just the same, although a little less bright without you. Mary and I will treat you and the Scrapster to lunch at the Frog when you return.

  16. Hi Sam! It's Grandma! It has been so fun to read all about your time in Japan. I am at your house tonight because we celebrated Chuck and Cindy's anniversary. I spent the whole afternoon reading your blog from start to finish. I am so happy for you and I knew that everyone would love you just like we do, even in Japan! Miss you so much. Love, Grandma Beske

  17. Hey Sammy - JD here. We miss you in the hot tub - but at least we are looking at the same moon when we look up at night.

    Dry here - need rain - river dried up - twins are 2 games back with five more to play - we pruned your mom's trees on sunday.

    Keep up the great work - JD and Gwen

  18. Samuel ... if I respond here, it will be akin to feeding the fauve (you must figure out ... think french) so I choose not to respond teehee ... MtotheRY

  19. Hi Sam,
    This is your first grade teacher blogging with you. I see your grandma Evie at the pool 3 times a week and we talk about your great life experiences. My newest tech experience is that I now am on Face Book.
    I enjoy the pictures. Sure am glad that you learned how to read and write in English. Now it will be helpful to you as you learn a new language. es

  20. Hi Sam -
    I trust you've figured out you're going to have a book deal when you finish this year. Your experiences are amazing, but even moreso are your reporting skills. As your travel agent AND Great Aunt I am forever on your blog. I hope you'll have the opportunity to visit Mt Fuji, and then if you do stop in Shizuoka - Omaha's Sister City - we celebrate 45 years relationship with them next year and I'm working on a group that will be going there to commemmorate.

  21. SAM. i LOVE reading your blog! I show my roommates your pictures every now and then because they are so cool/sometimes disgusting:) (i.e. dead fish head)
    Anyway. your stories are awesome and I'm glad you're having such a great time!!!

  22. Sam, love your pictures and stories of life in Japan. Glad to hear you are having such a great experience. Didn't know there was such a thing as fish school. Continue to have a great adventure. Marcy

  23. Hey! The neighbors are following too!!! (P.S. Grandpa Leonard will be next. I just have to stop by his house and add it as a favorite)
    The Tanghe's

  24. Sam,
    Your stories of such a vastly different culture are so colorful...they make for fascinating reading...and make me wistful for travel.
    And it's fun seeing the photos of such a TALL TOWHEAD sticking out amongst the diminutive natives (as I knew you would...). :)
    Keep absorbing it all. I know that you will.

  25. Is too late to become a reader? xD I'm starting my Rotary exchange to Japan this August, myself!