Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009-

The Top Ten Reasons You Know You’re In A Fishery School

1) One of your classmates is ranked in the top 100 Pro-Ayu Fishermen in Japan

2) Within the past two weeks you’ve help net, clean, sort, skewer, grill, box, and freeze nearly 700 Ayu

3) You spent yesterday spawning 300 wild salmon, only to learn that when the eggs from one fish are fertilized (such as we did) that each fish is worth around 9153 Yen or 100 Us Dollars!

4) You regularly come home with your hands smelling fishy

5) One of the first invites you get from your classmates is to go to their favorite fishing holes

6) It’s not unusual for someone to bring their rod and reel to school

7) As a gift your teacher presented you with a large fish skull that you and a partner had to dissect, wash, sort, reassemble, and superglue. See above. Apparently it’s supposed to be a special memory; frankly I think the stench itself lingered far too long…

8) You’ve helped steel wool scour three months worth of fishy poo out of a 20 meter circular Ayu tank

9) One of the few conversations you could maintain in Japanese would be about fish biology and bone structure

10) The way you know that your classmates have finally accepted you is that they allow you to see the inside of their tackle boxes!

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