Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009- (Part III)

A Dog Salmon, the river is absolutely full of them as Fall is their time to spawn
Look closely, can you spot the spotty little fish?
One of my classmates in the river. He is actually reaching down to touch a salmon as another one goes zooming away (that's the cool zigzag in the water!)
Yet the sad truth is that as soon as they're done spawning they die, and therefore the riverbeds, shores, and birds' stomachs are just full of dead fish
A smallmouth bass that we caught today. They're gigantic in the rivers here. In fact the world record bass was caught in Japan
Tiny footprints cross paths in the mud
I imagined a great big Tanuki (Japan's version of a raccoon) and it's little baby scampering along beside it
More photos below...

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