Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009-

Two very odd words to describe my day: Seaweed and American. The first is because in the fishery class today we had to transfer a batch of catfish out of a gigantic tank filled with seaweed and guck. It was slimy work and by the time we were done my working clothes were covered in dirt, plus my hands still vaguely smell of water plants! And American because my new friend Grace Lee (a recent UNC grad who is teaching English at several schools throughout the area this year) visits Bato High School every Tuesday and today we walked into Bato town after school and simply talked in English for a couple hours as she waited for her bus back home. To be honest it was nice to spend a little time with another English speaker again. Now I’m tired and sore and ready for a hot bath before bed. I’ll dream of American catfish speaking English as they harvest seaweed…sounds about normal for one of my dreams!

PS: I finally found a list of community events with the help of Kevin Blackburn. I am thrilled at the possibility of joining Tuesday/Thursday 7:30 PM soccer in the town gym. Tuesday is teaching elementary students and Thursday is playing with some older guys. AND I may also get to join a traditional Japanese drumming troupe! How cool would that be? It may even entail some competitions and so on = )
PPS: Get this, my host mom yesterday told me that she may have a friend who does tennis clubs in a the city north of here, I told her I would of course love to get involved. She knocked on my door 15 minutes later to tell me in short: No tennis, friend is dead...

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