Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009-Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today just goes to show you never know what will unfold during your exchange year. With that in mind, this may prove to be the worst day of my exchange year. I woke up with a killer headache but merely took an all-day Aleve in hopes that that would solve my problem. At breakfast I barely had an appetite (I know scary right!) and while biking the 7-8 kilometer route to school I felt awful. I arrived at school and my headache was growing, plus I began to have the chills. I could tell that I was a little feverish but chose not to do anything about it, hoping that it would pass soon.

By the time we all jumped in the pool for our kayak test 6th hour my head was absolutely pounding and I really felt sick. I was in no state to take any pictures so instead I shall include this cool picture of a koi fish I took while staying at Sasayaso...just imagine it's my kayak : ) Anyway, I went to the school nurse and she took my temperature only to find that I was running a fever of 39.1 C or 102 F. They immediately made me start wearing a mask and panicked slightly because apparently there had been a case of swine flu in some school in a nearby state.

Mrs. Sato came and took me straight to a clinic where the Rotarian Dr. Kimura began running tests on me. We stumbled through describing my symptoms but I was quite sure I didn't have the flu, it felt more like when I’d had pneumonia in the past. They did this weird nasal test sticking a swab literally inches up my nostril (it hurt but I was just thankful I didn’t have to have blood drawn!).

They came back with the results that I was negative for Flu but did have a slight case of bronchitis and pneumonia. Dr. Kimura ran an x-ray or two and within the hour I was handed FIVE different pills to start taking!!

Back at home I immediately crashed in bed. Mama Sato fed me soup and I took the first batch of pills. I’m writing this the next day because I more or less slept all the way from 8 at night until 11:30 the next morning. Luckily my fever has broken and I’m merely going to spend the day resting. I do feel much better now however. Mrs. Sato's hot udon soup sure helped! Ok I’m off to bed, again.

Update: I’m feeling better, my fever is all gone, but I’m pretty wiped out. I spent the day trying (unsuccessfully) to sleep. So instead I read, studied, and worked on the blog. Super dull, but it's the slow-down I needed…I think tomorrow’s going to be about the same though.

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