Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009-

I got to sleep in again, arranging some of my stuff to be packed up this afternoon before taking an Onsen and eating breakfast. I had Natto fermented soybeans for the second time now; it’s not exactly sticking with me (pun intended). The Ohkawa’s were there again to pick me up at 10:30 and we made our way over the river to the Sato’s home where my future host mom welcomed us in for tea and fresh cut pears. We talked for a while about how I would move in tomorrow before Mr. Toshihisa Shiraso-San arrived. He’s my Bato-Ogawa counselor and his English is flawless. He lived in London for a while so he even has a little British accent. Apparently he’s the owner of a tiny Sake Company is town. We got acquainted and finalized how I would be getting to school and so on. Apparently there’s a typhoon (台風 #11- Typhoon 11. No names for Typhoons, only numbers) and it's on its way, all set to hit Tochigi sometime tonight or tomorrow morning. I know it sounds bad but I hope it’s really intense and scary. That’s how I’ve always imagined typhoons to be and I hope I’m not let down.

I then went to Kevin-San’s office where I had my picture taken for the monthly Nakagawa newspaper. Hmmm, don’t know what that will entail but we’ll see.

The Ohkawa’s then took me out for the second afternoon in a row and we had a great time. Lunch was a delicious tempura soba soup that was warm and crunchy and slurpy all at once. YUM! We then walked through a 120-year-old farm building with a hatched roof and tatami mats inside. The pictures on the left are from that farm. We then toured the Nakagawa history museum, dating back to 1000 BCE!

After the museum they took me out to the Nakagawa Suiyuen Water Garden again where we enjoyed cookies-n-cream gelato and laughed at all the little children running about. They dropped me off at Sasayaso once again and I packed up my bags for tomorrow morning, studied a little bit, read, watched a movie, took a dip in the Onsen and ate dinner. Quite an easy afternoon.

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