Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday, September 3 – Friday, September 4, 2009

Two very quiet days for Señor Sam. I am now back to full health, but I have had to remain homebound for the past three days. This evening (Friday) was actually rather fun however, because right before dinner the Sato’s neighbor, the 26-year-old Miki, came over to talk for a while. She was very fun and her English is pretty good, so she told me that on the 21st of this month I get to skip school and go with her to a sports festival, whatever that might be. Mama Sato told me that Miki is ranked 7th in all of Japan for Track and Field in the, get this, HAMMER THROW!! Look it up, it’s awesome.

AWWWW AREN’T WE CUTE (Mama Sato is on the far right) After dinner two of Hideo’s sisters came over for tea. The one also brought her husband. Unfortunately I never heard their names, so for now they’re just Obasan and Ojisan (Aunt and Uncle). It was great to finally use some Japanese. I am moving slowly, but merely being exposed to conversation certainly helps.

My Rotary welcoming party that was planned for tomorrow was pushed back a week due to my illness, making me feel quite guilty. Oh well.

PS Mrs. Sato is like a Laundry Master! She insists that she do mine for me, and the more I try to help, the stronger she refuses. Anyway she basically cleaned, air dried, and folded all of my dirty clothes from the orientation, hotel, and school in less than one day, wow!

LEARN TO SPEAK JAPANESE: That's right, you too can learn Japanese.

Sam’s Word

– Washing Machine –

Simply say the words "Sent A Cookie" with a slight Japanese accent! Fun, eh :)

洗濯機 せんたくき Sentakuki

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