Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Finally Up To Date

I made it, I've caught up on my blogging. Sorry that took me so long. I apparently had bronchitis, however, so cut me some slack. = ) Hah, just kidding. I hope you've enjoyed everything so far. From now on I'm thinking I'll just check in every couple days with the highlights and so forth.
Doumo Arigatou Tomodachi
Thanks so much friends


  1. You sure have had a roller coaster of adventures in your first week and a half there!! You've made it through some of the toughest things though, way to go!!
    Keep having fun!

  2. Sam,
    This has been so much fun to read! I can't believe all that you have experienced in such a short amount of time. I'm doing my best to pass around your blog address. Continue to get better and listen to Mama Sato. Sounds like she is doing a good job of taking care of you. Tell her thank you from one mom to another! Love you- Mom

  3. I had so much fun reading your updates ESTY! Sounds like you're having a blast. Glad you're feeling better.
    Katie Mangan