Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday, June 19 & Sunday, June 20, 2010-

There’s so much I want to say in these last couple blog entries but I know that I will never do them justice if I force something out at 1:00 in the morning. Therefore, I promise you one last, well organized one tomorrow, but tonight all I’ve got the energy for are a few snapshots from my last weekend here in Tochigi – I hope you enjoy it because I sure did!!
Grace Lee, Kris Burridge, and I
My host family treated us to a delicious soba and udon lunch - lots of fresh and tasty tempura and croquettes too!!
Grace and Kris out behind the soba restaurant
Later that evening we went out to a very fun 80's Costume Party that some of the ALT teachers had organized in the area. Quite the get-ups!!
Hayley and Kris were clearly enjoying their (rediscovered) fashions
Part of the costume contest
Vera and Hayley. Between her killer purple visor and her classic dance moves, Vera ended up winning the contest!
Grace and Matt
Very cool night guys, thanks for letting me join in the fun
Then tonight, Sunday, my local Rotary club, a couple school teachers, and my host families had a very classy going-away dinner at the nearby Bonheur Restaurant
The rest of the gathering
The food was so nice I just had to take pictures of it
This was a grilled vegetable gelatin with foamy tomato sauce on top
Basil, fresh cheese and tomato spoonfuls and extremely tender garlic Tai Red Snapper sashimi
Pork Puree, Kobe King Salmon, and "Ice Plant"...if anyone can tell me what "Ice Plant" is that would be very kind of them
Fresh greens truffle salad, with a pumpkin puree dressing drizzled over the top
Beef Tenderloins with various tempura veggies on the side
An AWESOME dessert: Coconut pudding and fresh golden pineapple on top, next to beet and maple syrup sorbet with just a bit of a mint sprig on top
So I ended my meal just like I have my Rotary exchange - in good taste!!

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