Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009-

My highlights of the day:

1) Teaching my English teacher strange Yiddish phrases that we use such as Smidge, Schmooze, and Schlep (I could honestly only think of ones that started with S-, what other ones am I forgetting?),

2) I got to tie-dye in art class,

3) And I biked home in 18 minutes!! It had started to rain, there’s another typhoon coming, and along the way I made the rather ironic realization that Lance Armstrong’s name should really be Lance Legstrong…It inspired me to pedal faster.

I figured I also ought to point out a new feature that I added to the right. It’s a search tool that will let you filter through all of the blogs by entering a key word. If you want to look back at my trip to Nikko Forest simply type it in and click search.


  1. I LOL'ed AT THE LANCE LEGSTRONG THING HAHAHAHAHAHA te quiero samuel, espero q todo pase bien hasta el cambio y despues del cambio y todo y todo. espana me esta aceptando con brazos abiertos, se que tengo muchisima suerte y quiero lo mismo parati mi carino. que te pasa bien esta semana y la semana sigiuente y luego y luego, estoy aqui parati y sigo esclava de tus comentarios en mi blog y en facebook y todo asi... te amo te amo un besito :) sami

  2. Dear Sam - Don't forget to teach your teacher "Oy Vey!" and "chutzpa" - guts (am I spelling that right?" and don't forget to call her your "bubbe" or little grandmother and that you want to "kibbitz" with her (joke around). We miss you here at NHS. Have a great time in Japan!

    Michelle Sonnega