Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009-


I’m feelin’ like Friday, October 9th is more of a photojournalism day. And besides, pictures are way more fun, aren’t they?

PS. Yay Obama. I don’t think it matters how you voted last year (can you believe it’s almost November again?!), as an American you’ve got to feel proud that the world appreciates the efforts our President is making. I can tell you first hand from overseas that the worldview of America is definitely on the rise once more, and much of that is thanks to him.

Papa Sato at his finest...

Nakagawa River and our mountains to the West

He's so happy when he's fishing

The Salmon Fishermen

Tell me this spider doesn't both creep you out and draw you in?!

Biking back from school today I spotted three of these on the bridge I cross. I of course, stopped on a dime and the first two thoughts I had were, "Woahhh," and, "I have to put this on my blog"

トンボ - Tonbo - Dragonfly. This one happens to be resting on a gravestone

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  1. Thanks for the snaps BugBoy and why are you hanging out in graveyards?