Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009-

A calm day here in Nakagawa. I spent the school day helping in English classrooms today and studying Japanese in the library. Oshima-Sensei (the very fun librarian) has become one of my favorites at Bato High School, and we spent quite a while simply talking in Japanese today. At this point that is exactly what I need to be doing most, so I appreciated her taking the time to chat with me today.

My afternoon was quite nice, I went to soccer for all of 20 minutes where we kicked the ball around, biked home, and decided I was going to do something I have practically never done before. I painted! Hah random, huh? I asked myself what I wouldn’t do if I were at home right now and decided that taking out the water color pencils that Saki and Riho used last night would be just that.

I painted one picture of Mt. Fuji that is awful so I refuse to show it to you. But I still laugh every time I see this picture of the old Sasayaso man mask, so I decided I was going to paint it! It was surprisingly satisfying and relaxing. Now I’ve blogged, I might read for a bit, and then crash. Life doesn’t get any better than Rotary Exchange.

PS. Tomorrow I spend all day out on the water again. It’s nice when you can’t wait for your next day of school.

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