Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009-

Ten things that made my day Japanese:

1) I woke up on a futon

2) I biked 40 minutes to school

3) My first hour class was pottery

4) My second hour class was calligraphy

5) Lunch at Rotary was a bento box with tempura and rice

6) My name tag for the meeting read, “サムエルエステンソン

7) My last two hours of school were spent kayaking a river

8) When I arrived home my host dad was whittling bamboo

9) Dinner was slices of raw tuna, miso soup, and grilled squid

10) I soaked in a hot bath for half an hour before going to bed

BONUS – As I write this I’m eating those tiny koala crackers filled with chocolate, YUM!

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  1. サムエル・エステンソン (we assume that means Sam!?)

    Your Japanese life sounds awesome!!! We love your blog...reading about your adventure and seeing the pictures! Your family seems so nice and your school sounds interesting. Erin wishes she could go to Fishery School! We look forward to following your adventure!

    Take Care! Tom, Linda, Ashley and Erin