Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 23-Thursday, September 24, 2009-

For the last day of Silver Week I spent a solid five hours out fishing for Ayu with Papa Sato. We returned to the Nakagawa with hopes of a bigger haul, but after a (rather relaxed) afternoon spent angling we still only ended up with one catch. It was my first cast and I had barely let my line out into the rapids before I snagged a fresh river fish! We then spent the rest of the day luckless. Don’t worry, on the way home we stopped off and bought a bucket-full of Ayu to bring back for dinner.

When we got back to the house my two young “host nieces” Saki and Riho were waiting to take me to a BBQ with their parents (my host brother and his wife). We spent the last hour of sunlight grilling fresh fish, laughing, and counting dragonflies. I can’t believe how many of them there are here!

Then, today back at school I spent the majority of my day in the library. This probably seems dull and pathetic to most of you, but I enjoy the company of the third year students who hang out there. Plus Oshima-Sensei now gives me treats whenever I come and visit her =)

I figure because I don’t have much to report the least I can do to satisfy your Japan-cravings (or whatever it is that keeps you coming back to read more each day) is to share a couple of pictures. I stopped off on my bike ride home from school today to snap these two quick shots.

The Nakagawa River near where I spent the past couple days fishing

Ogawa town viewed from a bridge crossing the river. In the distance you can see the mountains of Nikko as the Kanto Plain stretches out to meet it


  1. Hey, thanks for the comments :) All the pictures in your blog are so cool! I'm jealous, haha. Everyone in Finland thinks pretty much the same of the American diet though. Apparently, we eat hamburgers or pizza at every meal besides breakfast, which we have 'fat' pancakes (the Finns version is thinner than a tortilla) and as much bacon as we can eat. :P
    The Finnish is coming along pretty well though, but kind of slowly. Its definitely not easy, haha.

    Toivon sinä olet hyvin :)
    (Have fun translating that, haha.)


  2. Dear Samuel ... here's how my profile reads ... I'm in Nerstrand til the end of time not as a rotary student but rather as a horrific and yet breathtaking momster. We miss seeing you and Bruce puddles up daily when he sees your picture - but that has more to do with his housebrokeness. arrrarrarr ... Write more and more and more. And more.